Life & Executive Coaching

How Coaching can benefit you ?

Many benefits can be gained from participation in a Coaching session. From my own experience of being Coached as well as feedback from those that I have personally coached, the following are the most likely benefits to be gained from a series of Coaching sessions. 

Learn how to Change your game:

Somebody once said to me that life is a like a game.  There are rules to play by as well as ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ just like ‘snakes and ladders’. The catch with life is that we do not know the rules and there are no instructions. What if the goal of the game was to work out the rules and make the instructions? Life Coaching can help you uncover what it is that works for you so that you know where the ladders are and you know where the snakes are. Once you start to get a hold of how things work, you can begin to make deliberate moves that will transform your game into the kind of game that you truly want to play.

Test your thinking:

‘No problem can be solved from the same conciousness that created it’   Albert Einstein.

For every problem, there are many solutions – and yet we are often blinded to them. Have you ever got a flat pack from Ikea or Argos and spent hours in frustration when the pieces didn’t fit together. I am always convinced that the manufacturer left a vital piece out…until i take a break, come back and realise that i had been looking at it the wrong way the whole time… i the only one? Life Coaching is that break that allows you to find new solutions ! It is a held and focused space where your thinking can be observed and tested in a joint partnership between you and the Coach, with the objective of bringing the very best of possibilities to the surface.

Build Confidence:

One of the biggest gifts that i have got from being Coached is a big boost to my confidence. There are actions you can take that will increase your confidence on a consistent and continual basis. This is not a ‘maybe’, it is a definite! You do the work and it works! Every time!

Move through change with ease:

life is constantly changing! You are constantly changing! When life wants to change and you refuse to go with her….what does that do to you? For me, it results in stress, struggle, anxiety and eventually depression. It is harder to resist change than it is to change. Much harder!
Life Coaching helps you to move through change and to move with life.

Live a fulfilling life:

How does that look to you? For me it is ‘that feeling of everything being exactly how it is meant to be’. Life Coaching will help you uncover what it means to feel fulfilled and what steps you can take to live in that place on an ongoing basis. When we live a fulfilled life, we live in peace with ourselves!

How the Coaching process works?

The best way that i can explain this is to tell you about the 4 cornerstones of Coaching which are the glue that holds the session together:

  1. The Client (you) is resourceful and whole: Just like a seed carries a map of growth inside of itself, you carry the blueprint of your life inside of you. When this intention is truly held, it allows you to more easily access your inner knowing and find your direction and purpose. As a coach, i never advise as that would be to presume that i know better than you and this is simply not true.
  2. The client holds the agenda: You choose what to work on – every time and in every moment.
  3. Dancing in the moment: In order to lean into that intuitive, all knowing place inside of ourselves, it is important to be able to drop any agendas or any pre-conceived ideas of how things will be. Dancing in the moment is that beautiful state of flow – not knowing where the next step will be but trusting that it will come at just the right moment. This is a place of pure potential and often where our deepest realisations are born.
  4. Evoke transformation: transformation can be found in the most unlikely of places. You do not have to do anything GREAT. It can happen in the most simplest of moments and in the most humblest of ways. When transformation is evoked, life will never be the same again… a way that you will absolutely not regret!


  • Coaching sessions take 1 hour each and a series of 4 sessions is recommended with a 2 week interval between sessions.
  • You can avail of a free 20minute session online or by telephone in order to see if we are a good match for each other before you commit.
  • Sessions take place in person in either of the following places:
  1. The Orchard Wellness Centre, Harmony Row, Ennis.
  2. Moy, near Lahinch.
  3. Online once you have a good internet connection.
  • Cost is 70e per session or 240e if booked up-front as a block of 4.
  • Concessions are also available. Please enquire for more information.


Lisa Guinan, Dip Life/Executive Coaching.      

Tel: 087 7531023, 065 7081814.