Visitor Experience

Visitor Workshop Experience

Hitting the well known scenic spots in Ireland is a pleasant way to tour the country and you are guaranteed to get the photographs and tick off the bucket list but it only hits the surface, which seems a pity as the best of Ireland is often hidden in its deepest layers. Getting out of the cars and buses and venturing down the smaller roads will lead you into the heart of ‘Irishness’ where aspects of real life can be experienced, creating feelings and memories that can be drawn on for a lifetime. Irish Herbal Roots is passionate about providing a friendly, authentic experience to visitors – no shamrocks and no leprechauns.

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Irish Herbal Roots can be hired for herb walks, workshops or a combination of both. A specific programme can be created that would best suit the needs of the group. Snacks or a picnic type lunch can be provided if requested. Events can also take place in close proximity to restaurants and hotels with suitable dining options and coach parking.


What a visitor can expect from a workshop experience:

  • To feel welcome and at home.
  • The event will be hosted by a fully qualified local Herbalist with many years experience.
  • Indoor events are colourful and interesting and many wild plants are brought into the room to be observed, smelled and even tasted.
  • Interaction from participants is welcome and encouraged

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What a visitor can expect to learn about in a workshop:

  • Plant medicine and folklore as it was in Old time Ireland.
  • Present day uses for medicinal wild herbs and how science has confirmed what was known for thousands of years.
  • Live demonstrations on the Art of natural Medicine making.
  • Skills that can be taken home and applied on an on-going basis.
  • Notes to take home with key points and recipes.
  • Take home gift – a natural plant remedy such as a skin healing balm like this one here


What a visitor can expect from a Herb Walk:

  • to spend time in nature in a scenic location
  • to be led by an experienced local herbalist
  • to gain knowledge about local wild plants and their medicinal uses
  • to hear some Irish folklore and history though the world of plant medicine.