About Herbal Workshops and Walks

Benefits of harvesting Wild herbs and plants for medicine

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  • It is absolutely great fun. If you have childhood memories of running though the fields, picking wildflowers, collecting berries and chestnuts or searching for some hidden treasures in nature, then you have an idea of the kind of carefree spirit that tends to come out of us when we embark upon the journey of plant foraging.
  • It is now a well proven fact that spending time in Nature is a great way to calm the nervous system and reduce stress levels.
  • It brings Nature alive and creates a bond which naturally leads us to a place of respect and caring for our environment.

Benefits of making herbal remedies

  • This is a creative process that is very relaxing and extremely rewarding. If you enjoy cooking, gardening or art and craft, then chances are that you’ll love every minute of herbal medicine making.
  • Once you learn the basic skills, you can continue to use them over and over again, making a constant supply of natural medicines at a very low cost to you.

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Benefits of using herbal remedies

Plants are generally extremely safe and have a place in the home for everyday health care. All those times when you are not quite sick enough to go to the doctor and yet you feel you need something. Herbal remedies are that ‘something’. Once you learn the basics, you can feel confident in using them at home to treat everyday common health issues.

  • They are fantastic resources to have on hand when dealing with the knocks and tumbles of childhood years. Having a herbal first aid kit means that you are ready and prepared for every scrape, bang and bruise that comes your way. Pharmaceutical medicine has never been able to replace the healing actions of herbs that will help close a cut or soothe a burn, bringing relief as well as healing.
  • Winter tonics, Immune tonics, lung tonics, kidney tonics……a tonic is a medicine that will strengthen a particular aspect of your health by supporting that organ or system. Herbs make absolutely fantastic tonics that are preventative medicine at its best. If you suffer from low immunity, you take an immune tonic. If you are prone to winter chest infections, you take a lung tonic at the start of winter. This approach makes sense and natural medicine  excels in this area.
  • Wild herbs and plants are full of natural goodies that are gentle and kind to your skin which means that they make wonderful natural cosmetics.

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