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My name is Lisa Guinan and I am the creator of Irish Herbal Roots. I am a fully qualified Naturopathic Herbalist, registered with The Irish register of Herbalists and in practice since 2008. I teach people all about the many wonderful medicinal plants, flowers and trees that grow locally and abundantly here in Ireland. I give practical step by step workshops showing people how to harvest these plants and transform them into beautiful yet highly effective remedies for treating everyday health issues such as coughs, colds and indigestion. I also do private clinics where I educate, encourage and advise people on how they can best achieve the quality of health that they desire. Herbs, of course, are a big part of the treatment plan!


Using Plants for Health and wellbeing.
Until the mid-1900s, harvesting Wild herbs and plants for medicine was an essential part of life for every culture on earth. Ireland too enjoyed a rich traditional culture and many folks still fondly remember the local cures and remedies which they grew up with, shown to them by their mother or grandmother in far off dreamy days when people worked closely with the land and appreciated a simpler life. Now, almost a hundred years later and a hundred years wiser, many people are beginning to reflect and seriously question whether, in fact, we acted a little too hastily when we dropped our inherited wisdom of plant knowledge and our traditional skills of medicine making. In hindsight, it is becoming apparent that there has been a consistent void, an empty space in the heart of our culture, a space once shared by both man and nature, that resulted in healing. Maybe we need to revisit this place and see exactly what it was that we let go of and see if we wish to continue letting go of it….

Benefits of harvesting Wild herbs and plants for medicine

It is absolutely great fun. If you have childhood memories of running through the fields, picking wildflowers, collecting berries and chestnuts or searching for some hidden treasures in nature, then you have an idea of the kind of carefree spirit that tends to come out of us when we embark upon the journey of plant foraging.

It is now a well-proven fact that spending time in Nature is a great way to calm the nervous system and reduce stress levels.

It brings Nature alive and creates a bond which naturally leads us to a place of respect and caring for our environment.

Benefits of making herbal remedies

This is a creative process that is very relaxing and extremely rewarding. If you enjoy cooking, gardening or art and craft, then chances are that you’ll love every minute of herbal medicine making.

Once you learn the basic skills, you can continue to use them over and over again, making a constant supply of natural medicines at a very low cost to you.

Benefits of using herbal remedies

Plants are generally extremely safe and have a place in the home for everyday health care. All those times when you are not quite sick enough to go to the doctor and yet you feel you need something. Herbal remedies are that ‘something’. Once you learn the basics, you can feel confident in using them at home to treat everyday common health issues.

  • They are fantastic resources to have on hand when dealing with the knocks and tumbles of childhood years. Having a herbal first aid kit means that you are ready and prepared for every scrape, bang and bruise that comes your way. Pharmaceutical medicine has never been able to replace the healing actions of herbs that will help close a cut or soothe a burn, bringing relief as well as healing.

Winter tonics, Immune tonics, lung tonics, kidney tonics……a tonic is a medicine that will strengthen a particular aspect of your health by supporting that organ or system. Herbs make absolutely fantastic tonics that are preventative medicine at its best. If you suffer from low immunity, you take an immune tonic. If you are prone to winter chest infections, you take a lung tonic at the start of winter. This approach makes sense and natural medicine excels in this area.

Wild herbs and plants are full of natural goodies that are gentle and kind to your skin which means that they make wonderful natural cosmetics.

Benefits of a one on one consultation

A one on one consultation is an opportunity to review your health status in depth. Time is taken to look into all body systems as well as mood and energy levels in order to find the common threads that lead to the root of the issues and to work with them to achieve permanent and lasting results.

There are no side effects, except for good ones like generally feeling better, looking better and stuff like that.

The focus of a Herbalist is ‘Health’. What I mean by this is that you do not have to be sick or have a medical diagnosis to see a Herbalist. Herbs, especially when supported with dietary and lifestyle changes can give you a new lease of life by increasing your energy levels and stabilizing your mood.

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If you would like to follow my photographic record of local Wildflowers and plants as they come into season, then please check out the links below, which lead you to my Facebook page ‘Lisa Guinan, Herbalist’. If you ‘like’ my page, you will receive the updates on Facebook as they are posted. Enjoy your viewing, Lisa 

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Today's Herbal infused water - Lemon Balm, Hawthorn and Rose, with a dash of lime.
Herbs bring taste and freshness to water. I'm pretty sure my body absorbs the water better - possibly the minerals and phytochemicals make it more bioavailable.
And then there are all the healthy yeasts and bacteria that create a natural probiotic drink. They also could contribute to bioavailability.
There's just something very wholesome and complete in it all.
To avail of Nature's resources directly
facilitates me to value her and to remember that I am actually dependant on her. And then I feel gratitude....and a state of gratitude is always a very wholesome place to be.
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Beautiful showers of Hawthorn flowers bringing sweetness and a sense of class to our Clare Hedgerows.
These blossoms make a nice tea and are also great in cold water - just drop them into a jug of filtered water and add a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing drink.
Hawthorn flowers, leaves and berries are a well known, traditional heart tonic. However, they are also great medicine for the blood vessels - spider veins, varicose veins, atherosclerosis.
They have been shown to enhance the release of nitric oxide from the inner lining of the blood vessels (endothelium). This stimulates regeneration of the lining, keeping the vessels in good shape and preventing a build-up of plaque (atherosclerosis). Hawthorn also contains flavenoids such as rutin, which are great for strengthening the blood vessel walls. This is a great combination, an all-around tonic for the vessels as well as the heart.
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I will be giving a presentation tomorrow for Burren in Bloom.
My Top 10 Burren Medicinal Flowers (8pm – 8:15pm) .
It's on zoom and you can register here:
Lots of other interesting talks too over the next couple of days:

Would love to see you there!
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Chelidonium is one the earlier Medicinal herbs to arrive, the soft green leaves dancing in the dappled sunlight, the yellow flowers - simple and yet also conveying a sense of movement.

This herb contains a bright orange sap that is a well-known treatment for warts.
I made some balms last year and through accidental circumstances, discovered that it is also a wonderful antifungal treatment for Athletes foot. Best one I've found so far!

And it seems that there is research out there as well.
Good to know!
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Are you feeling liverish?

There are many well-known herbs used to support the body during times of Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue.
But, what about anger?
We don't often hear about supporting the body through states of excessive anger.

Anger stimulates the body and creates a powerful energy.
The fires are stoked and the flames of rage can consume you like an inferno.
The heat that follows can throw the body out of balance.

The heat mostly billows from the liver as it works to clear the body of excessive stimulation, both physical and emotional.

Headaches, high blood pressure, skin eruptions, inflammatory conditions and infection can all stem from a hot, overactive liver.

Dandelion is one of our top local herbs used to help quench the fires of anger, cool the liver and support the body to come back into balance.

The root works best in this capacity.
The leaf is wonderful for the Kidneys.
The flower can be infused in oil and applied to sore muscles and joints.

Dandelions are also a much relied on source of food for bees at this time of year. If you can leave your grass that little bit longer before cutting, it will make all the difference to them.

Life is so much richer when we consider the needs and receive the joys of creation in all of its forms.
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