About me

12162984_10153201019003977_609440028_oI was not one to settle down easily in my younger years. I had a restlessness inside of me that led me out of Ireland, exploring and searching for something that I could never seem to find. It was only with the turn of the century that I  felt the urge inside of me to return back home to my roots, to the country of my birth, the place where  I started out from. Everything had come full circle and I was still as lost as ever. With a little time and the realisation that all the answers lay inside of me I embarked upon a journey of self discovery that led me to the doors of The College of Naturopathic medicine in Dublin in 2003. For the first time in my life, i had that knowing inside of me that I was on my path and that everything was going to be okay. The first few days in Herbal medicine class found me doing my usual trick of pretending to be invisible in the far corners of the room. As much as I tried to stay in my old familiar ways, i soon found myself up the top of the class with a hunger inside of me that I had never before experienced. Upon completion of my training in 2008, I packed my bags and moved from the big smoke (Dublin) to the magic lands of Clare where i immediately set up practice. I  feel very blessed to be living in this part of the country  and I draw great inspiration from the beautiful, rugged landscape known famously as the Burren. I love all aspects of my work. The curious side of my nature dives head first into all the lastest medical research, driven by the desire to find new answers and a better way. 12162851_10153201017853977_1621896247_oOn the other end of the spectrum is the herbs, hedgerows and fields of wild flowers and the chance to immerse myself deeply into the healing power of nature. Harnessing and unifying these two somewhat opposing qualities is what makes me tick. Bringing it all to the table and offering it as a service is what makes me thrive. I love meeting people. I love listening to their own unique story and I love helping people find ways to make positive change in their lives. I am always learning, always open to new ideas and always willing to expand my knowledge and experience. After all, this is where the freshness, growth and magic happens!

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