Wildflower Healing Salve (60ml glass jar).

Wildflower healing salve photoAll flowers and herbs are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. They are carefully selected, ethically harvested and mindfully created into this beautiful healing salve. The base oil is organic and the beeswax is collected from local Clare bee hives.



I have made payment buttons for 4 vouchers – 45e, 55e, 85e and 165e. This is because each of these values corresponds to a particular service that I offer for that price. However, you can purchase a  voucher for any amount you require by emailing me and I will then forward you a personal paypal link for the required amount. Email address:

45e = Fermentation Frenzy Workshop

55e = Wildflower and plants – medicine making workshop

85e = Full Herbal consultation and 3 week Herbal formula

85e= Hair Mineral Analysis

165e = Fitzwilliam food Intolerance test (60 Foods)

Please note that the above pricing is just a guide and vouchers can be spent as full or part payment on whatever the holder wishes.




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